Our passion for art and decoration was the motivation to start our business of interior decoration. We began our journey in Europe, where we were inspired by the minimalist, yet refined, modern and highly innovative style of decoration.

       We realized that simple things in life have the power to bring the feeling of balance and harmony to one’s life - turning sadness to joy, indifference to love, stress to serenity. In the same way a subtle improvement to your home will harmonize the space, transforming it from dull to lively, ordinary to elegant...

      This realization led us to create home decorative products that seamlessly combine aesthetics and arts with functionality, translating into a state of equilibrium in one’s life and living space.

      We take utmost satisfaction and pride in offering you products designed with meticulous care and manufactured at the highest quality, so that each exquisite tablecloth in your dining room, each graceful table runner beneath your TV, each charming coffee cup resting on a matching coaster, each cozy sofa pillow, and each sophisticated ceramic statue will completely transform your home and make you smile and relax.

      These interior decorative products will also elevate the ambience of a lovely petite cafe, add pleasant aesthetic touches to homestays, and inspire a sense of luxury and refinement in high-class resorts and hotels.

       We founded EQUILHOME with a single mission to share the experience of Balanced and Harmonious Life with our customers in Vietnam.


                               Warm welcome to EQUILHOME :-)